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Belajar Bikin Narrative Text

A Smart Little Tom

In a small town, there lived four boys. They were Andy, Rully, Joe and Tom. One day, they played football in a wide field in front of a church. Andy wore polca-dot t-shirt, Rully wore stripes t-shirt, Joe wore plain t-shirt and Tom wore slacks. They looked happy.

They kicked the ball alternately. Tom would kick the ball. He said to Andy, “Andy, are you ready? I will kick the ball!”. “Ok, I’m ready. Give me the ball.” Andy answered. Then, Tom kicked the ball. Unfortunately, Tom kicked the ball very hard so Andy could not catch it. Andy tried to chase the ball, but the ball flew too far. And then, the ball fell into the big hole. They approached the hole. They did not realize that there was a snake near a big tree. They were too busy to think about how to take the ball because the hole was too deep. Andy knelt to get the ball. Rully and Joe just grumbled. “Hey, what are you doing? Can you help Andy to take the ball?” said Rully. “Sorry, I saw a beautiful butterfly.” Joe answered. “Are you crazy?? Hhhhh” Rully grumbled.

They didn’t realize that the little Tom had a brilliant idea. He ran to his house and he brought a washbasin of water.  All of his friend surprised, “what will you do with a washbasin of water?” said Rully. But, Tom didn’t answered his question. He just walked and approached the hole. Then, he spilt the water into it. Suddenly, the ball bounced into the surface. Finally, they could take the ball and played football again.

Created by: Wulandari Ramadiyani, Nur Annisa, Eka Fauziawati, Annisa Putri Adam.

Class      : XI Science 2


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