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Drama Bahasa Inggris

Stepchild and The Miracle Bell

Group : 8

Class : X-1

  1. Halifaldza as the king and tiger
  2. Erdina as Kirana
  3. Betha as Mutia
  4. Wulan as Kirana`s mother and spellcaster

Scene 1 : In the garden

King : Umm,, I need some fresh air.

Kirana : Mom, Can I take a rest for a while?

Mom : Of course, you can.

Kirana : Thanks mom, see you later!

King : I would be happy if I had a daughter like her…

Scene 2: In Mutia`s room

Mutia : Kirana, can you work better? Your work is very bad!

Kirana : I`m sorry! I will clean it all again.

Mutia : You`re just kidding. I`m tired with your ordinary words like that!

Suddenly, the king entered the room…

King : What`s the matter, my daughter? You look so bored!

Mutia : Why don`t we find the better maid?

King : Don`t say that, my daughter! You must respect her!

Mutia : What for? She is just a maid!

King : But my daughter…

Mutia goes away without listening to her father.

King : Please forgive my daughter! I hope you understand her…

Kirana : it`s ok, your majesty! I always forgive her.

King : thanks Kirana! You`re very kind!

Scene 3: In the garden

King : I want to take you as my stepchild.

Kirana : Oh..your majesty… I`m very glad to become your stepchild. But, I think Mutia will not accept it.

King : Why?

Kirana : Because, Mutia always hates me…

King : Believe me. Everything will be alright. I will talk with her, tonight.

Kirana : Hmmm…

Scene 4: In Mutia`s room

Mutia : These aren`t neglected. Kirana mustn`t be my step daughter! I have to find out the way.

King : What`s heppenin, Mutia? You seem to be thinking of something.

Mutia : Oh… you surprised me, Dad! I just… I just…

King : It`s ok! I want to tell you something. I have decided to adopt Kirana as my daughter.

Mutia : But, Dad! She is just… she is just a maid! Why must she?

King : She is a kind girl, my daughter. I think she will be a good daughter for you. And I hope you can accept her.

Scene 5: In Kirana`s room

Kirana` : Mom, will Mutia accept me?

Mom : Of course, my daughter! She would be happy has a sister like you.

Kirana : I hope so, Mom…

Scene 6: In front of the citizen

King : My citizen! I want to tell you all, now Kirana has been my stepchild. I want you all people in this palace do treat like a princess.

Citizen : (give applause)

Scene 7: In Mutia`s room

Mutia : Oh no! This mustn`t happen! That maid mustn`t be my sister! I must defeat her from this palace! She must go out from this state!

Scene 8: In the garden

Mom : Oh my daughter! Now you`re a princess! I hope you don`t forgot me, and always see me everyday.

Kirana : of course, my mother! I will still be your beloved daughter.

Mutia : Kirana! Let`s go there!

Mom : Oh, what is it?

Kirana : Don`t be afraid, Mom! Mutia won`t do anything dangerous.

Kirana : What`s wrong Mutia?

Mutia : Don`t be happy to be my father`s stepchild! Because I never consider you as my own sister!

Kirana :But, why Mutia?

Mutia : Because you`re just a maid. You will never have the same level as me.

Kirana : I know Mutia. I know…but, I hope you want to consider me as your sister, what must I do?

Mutia : Uhmm… I give you a condition…

Kirana : What is that Mutia? Tell me!

Mutia : You must go to forest and take necklace from a tiger ghost.

Kirana : Ok! If that is what you want, I will do it!

(Mutia left Kirana)

Mutia : Hahaha…! Kirana will never come back!

Scene 9: in the forest

Kirana : Oh… where I must go? I don`t know where tiger ghost is…

The tiger : Hey! What are you doing in my territory?

Kirana : I`m sorry tiger! I… I… I…

Tiger : Arghhh… whatever you! Would you go away from here!

(Tiger ghost will fall upon Kirana, but suddenly the spellcaster come to help her. It happen very fast, make Kirana unconscious)

Spellcaster : What are you doing? Do you want to hurt the little girl?

Tiger : She came to my territory without permittion!

Spellcaster : She must have a reason, I would know that… ummm… I will do some tricks to her!

Abracadabra… tralala-trilili…tring…

(Spellcaster bewitch Kirana, until Kirana woke up and tell her the reason why Kirana came to forbidden`s forest.)

Tiger : If that what you want, Iwill give you this necklace.

Spellcaster : For supervision, I give the miracle bell for your safety.

Kirana : Thanks Tiger! Thanks spellcaster. I would use your gift wisely.

Kirana goes back to palace happily

Scene 10: In the Kingdom

Kirana : Mutia, I got this necklace for you!

Mutia : But,,but,,how did you get it?

Kirana : The tiger gave me willingly!

Mutia : Impossible! Argghhh! I take it!

(Said Mutia while to snatch away the necklace)

Scene 11: In Mutia`s room

Mutia : What can this necklace do? How can I use this?

(Mutia speech all kinds of magic sentence, brush it, beat it,and hope there is a miracle happen with this necklace, but, this necklace doesn`t bring miracle)

Mutia : Arrrggghhh…! This necklace is not useful!


Kirana : What`s wrong?

Mutia :This necklace is not useful! You have given me a fake necklace, huh!

Kirana : No! I gave you genuine necklace! Really!

Mutia : Ah.. You lie! Liar!

(Mutia throw the necklace to Kirana)

Suddenly, the spellcaster came…

Spellcaster : Kirana, combine the magical necklace and the miracle bell together then say “wish..wish” and speak your wish!

Kirana : Wish…wish… I hope Mutia considers me as real sister and be a kind girl.


Kirana : Uhmm,,, I want to test her. Mutia, could you help me?

Mutia : Of course, sist. What can I do for you?

Kirana : Can you water flowers in the garden?

Mutia : Ok! I will do it.

Kirana : Ah… the magical necklace is really useful. Thanks God!

Last scene: In the garden

King : Hey! You are water garden together. I don`t believe it. You are very harmonious.

Mutia : Of course, Dad! Now, we are a harmonious sister.

King : Thanks God! You changed my daughter as a kind girl! But, how is she changed? Ah, whatever how… now she is a good girl…

The End


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